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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Development of Web 2.0 Workshop

At Web 2.0 Workshop
Web 2.0 operates  as a communication tool.  It creates a friendly environment where ideas are allowed to flow freely. With Web 2.0 tools, I am able to communicate around the world with a minimal cost. It won’t be wrong to say that Web 2.0 has made the online world more tailored. Everyone has different needs, and Web 2.0 technology allows everyone to have information tailored to his or her desires and interests. I can now blog on my favorite topics of interests.
This Web 2.0 workshop has increased my ability of sharing of knowledge and also improved the quality of social interaction, thus giving me full control over my online activities while incorporating many additional features to it.
I an able to post photo to my page.  
I am able to link my twitter to my blogs using widget  configuration.  This enables anyone who visits my blog can see my twits.

I have the ability to create and update content leads to the collaborative work of many rather than just a few. I can extend, undo and redo each my post. 

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